Sustainability & Environment

We have proudly been awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability Programme

Specialist Aviation Services makes a commitment to considering and mitigating harm to the environment in several ways that are meaningful, deliverable and create lasting value.

Specialist Aviation Services ISO Certification Awarded
We understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and communities which we serve, and our programme seeks to meet these and minimise the impact of our operations on our environment. The SAS Sustainability Programme brings a level of stated commitment, energy and focus to our efforts to operate an essential business at the same time as increasing our environmental management activity.
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A way of thinking

At SAS, this is much more than just a list of activities and is something every SAS employee learns when they join the company and it features in the objectives of every person in the business, with the company executives leading the way, setting the example to others. The objectives of the Sustainability Programme are:

  1. No reportable environmental incidents
  2. Net zero carbon emissions, through a recognised and tangible offset programme
  3. To monitor and reduce gross emissions of CO2 on a year over year basis, ensuring a continuous decline in the footprint
  4. To implement and maintain an effective environmental management system, which meeds ISO14001:2015 requirements
  5. Promote sustainability and environmental management and enable employees and partners to be positively engaged and proactive in supporting the SAS approach
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Our Environmental Initiatives

A number of initiatives have been implemented to meet the aims of the SAS policy and to deliver the objectives. These address a range of environmental management areas to ensure that SAS takes a balanced and effective approach. The key areas of focus and their accompanying initiatives are:

  1. Operational emissions
  2. Energy and utilities
  3. Waste management
  4. Travel and transport
  5. Consumables
  6. Chemicals and hazardous substances
  7. Sustainable procurement
  8. Sustainability awareness and engagement

Sustainability Policy

At Specialist Aviation Services, we have always been committed to excellence in looking after our environment, through our activities and our Sustainability Policy is a reflection of this. You can read through all our commitments here.

SAS is in the business of supporting mission critical life-saving aviation activities; however, this does not detract from our ambition to do this in the most sustainable way possible. SAS shall meet, and where possible exceed, legislative and regulatory requirements related to all environmental aspects, aspiring to be the sector leader by building on industry and business best practice.

Through the Sustainability Programme:

  • SAS shall implement initiatives and take meaningful actions to reduce our environmental impact
  • SAS will continually improve and monitor environmental performance, through a process of measurement
  • SAS will continually improve and reduce environmental impacts, through a process of measurement
  • SAS will incorporate environmental and sustainability factors into business decisions.
  • SAS will increase employee and partner awareness and ensure every employee plays their part

SAS makes a commitment to reduce the impact of our operations upon the local and global environment, people and communities. We commit to protecting the environment through:

  • Preventing pollution (including air, water, soil, and noise) and contamination
  • Measuring and reducing the SAS carbon footprint, including operating efficiently to minimise emissions from our aircraft, vehicles, and facilities
  • Minimising the consumption of resources, including fuel, and working in a responsible manner
  • Measuring and mindfully reducing waste, reusing materials and recycling
  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances, opting for those with a lesser impact on the environment where possible and disposing of them appropriately
  • Being considerate to those we share our environment with and minimise the impact of noise
  • Working with our aviation partners and OEMs to continuously improve the aviation operations and maintenance procedures with due consideration for the environment and sustainability.

We will always work openly and transparently with our stakeholders, communities, and authorities on developing and continually improving our approach to be environmentally conscious and sustainable.

At SAS we accept that the nature of our operations means that we will continue to produce emissions from our aircraft in the pursuit of supporting the critical work of our Partners. We shall implement a comprehensive carbon management strategy as part of our sustainability programme and strive to offset all emissions produced by our operations.

SAS employees know their environmental accountabilities and responsibilities within the SAS integrated Management System. We consider the global impact of our operations, including those of the supply chain and customers, and encourage them to take the same approach and understand the part they must play. The leadership team understand their responsibility for sustainability and protecting the environment.

Sustainability and environmental commitments shall feature in the objectives of every person in the business, with the Leadership Team leading the way, setting the example to others. Our people shall be educated, trained, and motivated to be environmentally aware and responsible and understand that they are central to SAS’ goals.

SAS use the Safety Review Board, Safety Action Groups, and the Safety Management System to assure sustainability and environmental management progress. At SAS we regularly communicate our performance across the organisation.

Everyone at SAS shall actively demonstrate and support the principle of this policy, ensuring commitment, focus and energy to protecting the environment in which we operate and ensuring sustainability for the future.

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