Repair and Reuse is the Aim for Specialist Aviation Services and ACS Collaboration

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Specialist Aviation Services and Advanced Composite Structures Collaboration

23 October 2021 / SAS Admin

Specialist Aviation Services has partnered with Advanced Composite Structures to develop a repair solution for its stockpile of unserviceable MD 902 helicopter flex beams.

The collaboration expects a large percentage of the flex beams to be repaired and returned into service or sold to customers. These components are being released with Transport Canada Civil Aviation approval, which can be readily transferred to the UK and other markets. The team are now confidently exploring options for FAA and EASA certification.

Luke Farajallah, CEO of Specialist Aviation Services says:

“We are very excited about working with ACS to develop solutions to our operational and supply chain challenges. We are also able to support other MD 902 operators with repaired flex beams to reduce their costs and provide sourcing alternatives.”


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