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30 April 2021 / SAS Admin

During Covid, a customised combination of procedures, modifications and bespoke SAS interiors fitted to the AW169 has enabled operations to continue with confidence on this highly capable platform.

The appointment of James Kingdon as the Head of Design has come at the start of SAS’s development of a new interior design, which will incorporate the latest clinical requirements and be bespoke to SAS customers’ needs. Feedback from the HEMS community has been central to the development of the latest design, with SAS recognising that the rapidly changing clinical environment needs supporting equipment that can keep up with clinical innovations.

The adaptability of the aircraft’s interior is important for SAS’s clinical partners, who require the flexibility to integrate new medical developments in equipment and clinical practice. In collaboration with Leonardo, the AW169 EMS User Group is a chance for the AW169 community to share ideas for innovation in the future. These sessions – and regular discussions with their customers – repeatedly demonstrate the importance of interiors when it comes to how the aircraft is operated now and in the future.

The new SAS interior will be lighter – so increasing payload, as well as adaptable to changing clinical equipment, able to be reconfigured at short notice, use clever space-saving storage, and able to be fitted to a range of aircraft. Covid-19 has focused the team on biosecurity for the patients and crew and SAS will continue to develop easy-clean technology, antibacterial/viral coatings, interior aircraft barriers and aircraft ventilation improvements.

SAS provide bespoke design services for many aircraft types, including NVIS systems and lighting, avionics and aircraft structures. All SAS modifications can be fitted by the completions team located at the SAS maintenance facilities at Staverton Airport.

It is an exciting time for James Kingdon and the team, who will continue to consult with the HEMS community over the coming months as they seek further contributions to the creative process behind the aircraft interior development project. If you wish to discuss your individual design and completion needs, then please contact James at .


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