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Specialist Aviation Services (SAS) is the first-choice partner for aviation organisations in the UK, Europe and Middle East. We specialise in providing a wide-range of products for the rotary and fixed-wing aviation sectors.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey partner to support a blue-light or emergency organisation with SAS providing a full-suite of services, or if you are a small enterprise needing to solve a design or manufacturing challenge, we can almost certainly help. SAS holds a wide-range of regulatory approvals covering the UK CAA, EASA, and FAA, and we have a reputation for finding creative and innovative solutions to problems old and new. It would be our pleasure to see if we can help you. SAS is the only UK-Based Leonardo Helicopters ‘Excellent Service Centre’, and we hold a similar title in our Belgium office for MD Helicopters products. We are currently providing services to operators and owners of Leonardo, MD Helicopters, and Airbus products.

Comprehensive Range of Solutions

We provide a comprehensive range of Aviation solutions, designed to maximise your effectiveness.

At Specialist Aviation Solutions, we provide leading edge support to the emergency, private and utility sectors, from our bases at Gloucestershire Airport and Redhill Aerodrome in the UK, our continental Base in Genk, Belgium and our field operations.

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We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. Find out more about these here and get in touch with us, to see how we can help you.

Design & Production

We provide third party design and build services and have performed hundreds of modifications on both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Night Vision

We can design, modify and certify your helicopter for NVIS work. We can provide NVIS training for your pilots and crews.


At our three base maintenance locations and in the field, we can provide all the care you need for your aircraft.


We provide training for type conversions, instrument ratings, CRM & human factors and emergency services crew members.

Spares Stockist

We stock a large quantity of spares for the AW139, AW169 and MD 902 at our facilities in the UK and Belgium, to meet all your needs.

VIP Aircraft

Our maintenance facility at Redhill is a Leonardo Excellent Service Centre and we are able to provide cabin interior refit work as required.

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3,000 Lifesaving Missions

The first four AW169 air ambulances to enter service in the UK in their first year of service have performed approximately 3,000 lifesaving missions


Over 2,000 Hours Flown

The first four AW169 air ambulances to enter service in the UK in their first year of service have flown more than 2,200 hours.


A World's First for COVID 19

The AW169 was the world’s first EMS civil helicopter allowing for modern biocontainment system transport on board, to face the pandemic’s medivac challenges.


Over 220 AW169s In Service

Since EASA certification in 2015, over 220 AW169s have been purchased globally for firefighting, law enforcement, ems, offshore, private, utility, military and other roles.

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